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CAST was established in the 70's, thanks to his founder, building surveyor Lorenzo Martinelli, who began his professional career at LANDINI TRACTORS, as sales inspector and at the same time he set up his own business, together with a partner, in the metallic carpentry field. When his partner left, Lorenzo decided to buy out the business, by entirely devoting himself to the entrepreneur activity. So, he founded CAST that began its business carried out as a sub-contractor for important companies of the agricultural sector.

In the early 80's, the development across the territory of a district of stairs' manufacturers, persuaded Lorenzo to realize a range of moulds for the production of staircases' s iron components destined to local producers being, generally, equipped for the sole manufacturing of wood items. The production of stairs' iron components was successful and it allowed the company and its own professional workers to deeply know this type of product and market. Thanks to the experience matured in the business, at the beginning of the 90's, Lorenzo decided to introduce into the market his own CAST branded collection of spiral staircases made of iron and he initiated, from this time on, the development of his own sales network.

To an initial collection composed by iron spiral staircases, new collections with a wood step, both in a spiral and modular version, were added up in the short run and all this was backed up by a considerable investment represented by the establishment of new Headquarters of more than 3000 square metres that were equipped with a carpentry department, a varnishing process department for the iron components, a department for the stairs' packaging and shipping.

Lorenzo understood, at once, the importance of the product's innovation and for this reason, through a very modern vision of his role, as an entrepreneur, he gathered around him his collaborators, who have been always considered by him as a real production patrimony, as well as essential figures for the development and growth of his business, within a very focused activity of research and development aiming at creating innovative high end products which could merge, in a perfect equilibrium, technology, refined and modern design oriented craftsmanship.

And so in the year 2000, CAST brought into the market, a material that was new, until then, in the sector: the stainless steel.

New models are, therefore, conceived which had, as an absolute protagonist, this material utilized for the production of railings, structural modules and combined with wood or glass steps, the other absolute novelty in the stairs' field. .

In 2007 Lorenzo suddenly died and the management of the company passed onto his two children Paolo and Lorenza who have been in the company for years and have carried on the entrepreneurial process begun by their father with the same spirit and enthusiasm and the same desire of innovation that has allowed Cast to become an important manufacturing reality being appreciated in Italy, as well as abroad, for its capacity to transform the stair from a functional object into a home furnishing product, by realizing solutions that represent outright symbols of MADE IN ITALY 's excellence in the world.

Today the company has premises that cover a surface of 8500 square metres with a staff of 40 highly qualified people. The distribution of its own products is fully covering the national territory. As concerns the foreign markets, CAST is selling across the following countries: EUROPE (France, Belgium, Spain, Canary Islands, England, Malta), SWITZERLAND, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, CHINA, AFRICA (Ghana), UNITED STATES (California)



The company's vision mission is to continue to realize high quality, innovative and original products, which express at their best the aesthetical and technological value aiming at representing outright symbols of MADE IN ITALY' s excellence in the world.