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Passion, creativity, innovation for a unique style and dedicated refined Italian design


Every year our company makes considerable investments for the research and development of new solutions. Our manufacturing know-how, our internal project department, our area within the company dedicated to the prototyping activities of new products, have allowed Cast to launch new collections which benefit of their own identity and are characterized by an accurate and contemporary design following the most modern residential trends: this has put Cast in the position to become a "beacon" for all national and foreign manufacturers of interior stairs.


The most representative collections launched on the market over the last 13 years are:

Exclusive collection
Spiral stairs
Infinty collection
Stairs with railing made of structural glass
One collection
Stairs with module and step made of wood
Link collection
Stairs with laser cut side structure
Deko' collection
Stairs with step and/or railing made of glass with fabric inside
View collection
Stairs with railing made of steel or glass
Swing collection
Cantelever stairs with wood or glass steps
Jazz collection
Stairs with railing made of stainless steel with rods to be placed in several ways
Kristall collection
Stairs with glass step
2000 collection
Stairs with structural modules and/or railing made of stainless steel


Our company boasts an important manufacturing and technological patrimony which is the fruit of targeted investments which were primarily aiming at reaching high quality standards: a technology, therefore, purely serving quality, instead of quantity; quality has been always the main goal of our production.
The manufacturing and technological know-how consists of:

High tonnage mechanical and hydraulic pressing machines
Laser cutting machine for Fe steel and stainless steel
Automated robot for welding processes
Computer controlled pantograph machines to realize wood components
Computer controlled calender to realize calenderings
Dust based varnishing plant for iron pieces
Water based varnishing plant for wood components

To the manufacturing and technological patrimony the labour force of 40 highly qualified people is combined in order to provide that additional value which only the skilled and competent human work is able to ensure even to the highest level of technology.


At CAST the "custom made" is standard. Our products are, in fact, completely realized on a made-to-measure basis and they are able to guarantee a high level of personalization, versatility, performances and durability. .

This is possible thanks to:

The use of standardized manufacturing processes which allow the realization of products with very clear characteristics through the utilization of certified materials and components. The customer, therefore, has the assurance the product he ordered will be perfectly adhering to what he saw on catalogues or show-rooms.

A huge manufacturing flexibility, which comes from the concentration of almost the overall processes inside our premises, allows us to satisfy, for all models in our catalogue, the most variegated requests in relation to sizes, shapes and finishes.

A manufacturing concept that, although based on industrial notions, does not overlook the quality details of a handicraft production: the production of each stair is carried out on a made-to-measure basis. The steps, for instance, are customized for every stair ordered in order to propose to the customer a personalized solution corresponding at its best to his requirements in relation to sizes and shape of the staircase. "custom made" is standard.

A particular attention to the quality of the structural components on the stair in relation to performance and durability: A scrupulous study is made for the holding capacity and the durability of the structural components that compose a stair. Our models have to pass load and stress tests, before being launched into the market, in order to guarantee very good performances and durability over time.

A wide range of collections being able to respond to the most variegated requirements of the customer, both from a design and budget point of view: our collections provide, in fact, in the majority of cases, a "verticalization" of the models, that is, starting from the most expensive model due to materials' quality and finishes, it is possible to propose the same model with different and less expensive materials that can allow the customer to stick to a sale budget which better suits to his needs.




Our company pays particular attention to the respect of the laws, as well as the environmental rules which, in any way, are involving both the company's site and the products, the processes and the services that are offered.


Our sales technical staff is able to respond to every requirement through a detailed analysis of every single project in order to be able to suggest the customer the best made-to-measure realizable solution. Furthermore, our internal manufacturing organization allows us to be able to schedule, in an accurate way, the shipping terms and the delivery dates of the products that were ordered. Thanks to an efficient after-sale service, we can resolve on time any possible issue related to the product we supplied.